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The Floor

A gastronomic and emotional experience, involving sight, palate and smell

On the sixth floor, our panoramic restaurant, The Floor, worthy of a movie set, where you will be captivated by the spectacular view that unfolds before you, awaits you. As you enter, you will be immediately enveloped in a magical atmosphere in our first room, the sumptuous wine cellar. This exclusive space, characterized by a gallery of golden arches, will welcome you with a deep spatial perspective that will draw your gaze to a magnificent jellyfish aquarium.

If, on the other hand, you love seaside vibes, you will find your privileged place in the splendid panoramic terrace, with the scent of the sea mingling with the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Dulcis in fundo, the venue's central lounge will offer you a novel experience by transporting you to a platform suspended over the sea. The large panoramic windows allow, in fact, the sea horizon to dialogue harmoniously with the elegant minimalist interior, creating a truly fascinating, as well as relaxing, visual combination.

Here a large open kitchen stands out, where in addition to your dishes, an auteur show cooking will be served. The talented brigade is led by chef Marcello Baruzzi, whose proposal, coherent with the context, expertly combines the freshest seafood ingredients reinterpreted in a creative way. His story shines through in each of his dishes: the training in Italy and abroad that sets him apart for cutting-edge catering, now increasingly focused on sustainability. Marcello relies mainly on a network of local suppliers, farmers and fishermen he knows personally, with the goal of building over the years a controlled supply chain that respects the environment and the sea.

Most of the careful selection of organic produce is from the local area and turns the spotlight on Mediterranean food culture. The menu is inspired by regionality, with seasonal ingredients and a few Asian forays. The result is an exploration of tastes and textures that will surprise you with contaminations that are never taken for granted and take you on an unexpected journey full of imagination, technique and personality. A cuisine not devoid of the Romagna tradition with some typical dishes, from piadina to homemade pasta, such as passatelli and cappelletti, and the unfailing homage to the Adriatic Sea with a careful selection of excellent raw materials, such as sardines, red mullet and seafood.

The menu also unveils another philosophy, to fight food waste, offering dishes that enhance waste, in a culinary laboratory in constant research. There is no shortage of other reminders of the East with Japanese Wagyu sashimi for meat-loving gourmets. The chef's mastery culminates in the refined desserts, in which his great experience in French haute patisserie is reflected.

A curated selection of more than 350 labels, including native and international varietals, perfectly accompany the dishes. They range from the haute couture of bubbly, with the most noble maisons of Champagne and Franciacorta, to excellent local productions, Marta Valpiani and Leone Conti above all. The Italian still wines are full of charm and tradition, embracing the entire Peninsula to tell the extraordinary variety of the territory and the diversity of the PDO and PGI references.

The sipping pleasures extend beyond Italian borders as you travel the renowned wine routes in France, from Burgundy to Bordeaux to the Loire Valley. Continuing the journey, you can appreciate fine German Sauvignons and Chardonnays; elegant Spanish wines and robust Argentine reds; and on to real gems from New Zealand and Australia. We are ready to satisfy every palate, from passionate wine lovers to seasoned connoisseurs.

Last, but not least, our service will be at your disposal to assist you in choosing dishes and wine pairings and ensure an unforgettable experience. Happy to welcome you with the smile that distinguishes our Romagna, we invite you to leave the world outside and take a seat Enjoy your meal!