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An avant-garde vision that combines luxury and technology to safeguard the environment

The Promenade Luxury is an example of energy efficiency in hospitality that can meet part of its energy needs through renewable energy sources.  

The state-of-the-art architecture of the multi-purpose complex helps reduce consumption through a photovoltaic system and a smart control system that helps maintain the right temperature by optimizing the use of heating and air conditioning.  

Ventilated facade technology is used in the external envelope of the facility, which enables the achievement of high energy performance. Indeed, the ventilated system contributes to the full exploitation of the thermal inertia of the walls, reducing heat inputs related to radiation during the summer season and, in the winter regime, decreasing surface losses related to the action of water and wind.  

In addition to playing a decorative role with a strong visual impact, the exterior coverings are essential from the point of view of sustainability, allowing a significant energy containment and, as a consequence, the increase of indoor living comfort. The multi-purpose facility is not only under the banner of energy sustainability, but also carries out numerous environmental protection initiatives, including plastic reduction in hotel amenities and green laundry, just to mention a select few.  

Sustainability and traceability are the mainstays in the restaurant as well, with plastic already strictly banned in beverage packaging and a kitchen that fights food waste with its seasonal dishes and ultra-fresh raw materials often zero miles and short supply chain, which is aiming for the prestigious green Michelin star.